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The BioDome Project (BDP)

About The BioDome Project (BDP)

With funding from Remake Learning’s Moonshot Grant, we are on a mission to create experimental, community-based STEM libraries — called BioDomes — for youth in Pittsburgh, PA. Inspired by the free community library model, these BioDomes will sit on accessible properties throughout the community, making their debut in the Hill District.

Each BioDome will be filled with both one-time and multi-use kits and experiments. Students will be able to use these kits to explore concepts in biology, anatomy, microbiology, microscopy, electronics, circuitry, and computer science.

The BioDome Project will help create and sustain a science-literate community and act as a cost-free way to engage youth in STEM education. While the ten BioDomes funded by the Moonshot Grant will be distributed throughout the Hill District, we hope that their impact will spread across the city, state, and country.

To succeed in our vision to design, build, judge, distribute, and further fund these BioDomes, we are calling upon local artists and the community. To get involved with this collaborative and impactful project, please email [email protected].

To donate to the future of The BioDome Project, please click the button below.

Get Your Own BioDome!

Want to support STEM learning in your own neighborhood?

We are now welcoming members of the community, nonprofits, businesses, and other organizations to purchase their own BioDome to put in their communities! Click below to purchase a box to put in front of your business, in your lobby, or right in your front yard!

Purchase of a BioDome goes towards supporting more free BioDomes in our community, and includes six months of free material replacements.

Click below to purchase!

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The Hill District location is currently under a relocated plan.

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