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The Citizen Science Lab creates science pipelines for diverse and marginalized communities through life changing hands-on STEM experiences!

The Citizen Science Lab is Pittsburgh’s first community life sciences laboratory where interactive learning and STEM enrichment fuel enthusiasm for all things science.   We are the only STEM nonprofit founded by a black research biologist and focus on creating  science literate communities through fun and engaging hands-on STEM experiences.

We are a nonprofit OPEN TO ALL to observe, analyze, and explore the life sciences, yet at the heart of our mission is to increase the number of underrepresented groups in STEM.



Learn how your genes impact how you look, feel, and live. How do we protect the earth, study the structure plants, experience the awe and thrill of dissecting a fish, frog, worm, shark, or fetal pig.
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Blast off into outer space with our lessons on rockets, stars, and other space-related fun. As an amateur NASA scientist you will build and launch model rockets, putting your creativity and design skills to work.
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Specialized robots nowadays can do just about anything we need them to from helping us with everyday tasks in manufacturing to helping us explore unreachable regions of the world and space.
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Solids, liquids, and gases... foam, slime, and...non-Newtonian fluids! Learn by mixing chemicals, observing reactions that change colors, temperatures, and even mix up a tasty sweet treat to snack on.
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Fly drones, 3D print a prototype, learn how to code and use that to create something new and exciting with our science and technology based activities.
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What does your heart do? What--and how--does it pump? How does sugar or caffeine impact heart rate? Learn all about how your body works--and how to take care of it--in this unit on Human Health & Physiology.
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Hill District Lab
The Hill District location is currently under a relocated plan.

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South Hills Lab
1699 Washington Rd.
Suite 200
Pittsburgh PA 15228
(814) 830-3100

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