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The Citizen Science Lab isn’t just a place for youth, it’s a place for learners and professionals of all ages!

Whether you are an experienced scientist looking to share your knowledge with the next generation, or a college student trying to figure out your career path, we have a place for you!

Part Time Positions

Throughout our history, The Citizen Science Lab has given thousands of young scientists the chance to not only explore STEM, but gain the knowledge and experience necessary to ignite a lifelong passion.

But we’re not only talking about our K-12 students here!

The Enrichment Technician position at The Citizen Science Lab is just one more way we work to support our students and communities.The goal of this position is twofold: to give our Technicians practical experience in the STEM workforce, and to help them give back to their communities.

Laboratory and Education Enrichment Technicians

The most common role our Enrichment Technicians play at the Lab is support for our Laboratory and Education programming. Technicians will work with our full time staff to teach a wide variety of STEM topics, everything from introductory robotics to forensic science!

Students who are enrolled in higher education in STEM or Education based careers are strongly encouraged to apply.

For more information on this role, please click the job description below.

Other Enrichment Technician Roles

Enrichment Technicians can cover a wide range of roles at the Lab, not just those who are interested in pursuing hard science or education tracks. We also young professionals or current college students as Technicians to fill the following roles:

  • Grant Writing Technicians
  • Marketing / Graphic Design Technicians
  • Administrative Technicians

If you are interested in this type of position, or another, please reach out to us directly at [email protected]


Drivers play a crucial role in transporting our scientists to and from programming destinations, ensuring they reach their research and educational activities with efficiency and timeliness.

For more information on this role, please click the job description below.

Job Description

We hire Enrichment Technicians year round, and can often accommodate other employment, school, internship, and university schedules.Please contact us directly at [email protected] to apply or for more information on the positions!

Full Time Positions

We are growing! This means that we sometimes need additional full time staff to serve in a variety of roles at the Lab. In order to see what Full Time positions are currently available at the Lab, please check us out on Indeed and LinkedIn!

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Hill District Lab
The Hill District location is currently under a relocated plan.

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