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Alumni Programs

About The Alumni Program

Here at The Citizen Science Lab, our Alumni Program isn’t about merely receiving a certificate–it’s about cherishing hands-on experiences, forging unforgettable memories, and building a tight-knit community that goes way beyond paperwork.

Our aim? To nurture a unique and meaningful relationship between TCSL and our remarkable former participants.

Think of this program as a lively hub where alumni dive back into the action, reliving the excitement, and staying engaged in a way that goes beyond the ordinary. Join us in creating enduring connections, fostering endless experiences, and making science an unforgettable journey with TCSL and its incredible alumni!

Two women in lab coats working on a project.

Alumni Services

At TCSL, our alumni unlock a treasure trove of resources! Picture this: career counseling sessions that feel more like inspiring chats, resume-building workshops that turn CVs into masterpieces, interview preparation that boosts confidence, and job placement assistance that feels like having a personal guide into the professional world.

Our goal with the alumni program? Empowering graduates with the tools and wisdom they need to shine brightly in their chosen fields.

It’s not just about getting a job; it’s about thriving in your passion at TCSL!

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The Madura Award

The Madura Award honors the memory of the late Dr. Jeffry Madura, a passionate advocate who dedicated himself to ensuring that budding scientists in our program receive top-notch STEM education within our community.

Each year, we celebrate Dr. Jeffry Madura’s legacy by bestowing this award upon students who embody the same unwavering dedication and resilience he exhibited throughout his tenure with us.

Any student who has been part of The Citizen Science Lab’s Community Pipeline Program, whether in the past or present, is eligible for nomination. Recipients of this prestigious award will not only receive the stunning glass Madura Award statue proudly displaying The Citizen Science Lab’s logo but also a financial grant intended to support their pursuit of higher education.

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Past Recipients

2020 Winner
Breona Pippens

Programs Attended:

Howard University

Where They Are Now:
Currently working as the Alumni Coordinator at TCSL!

2022 Winner
Nyabingi Michie

Programs Attended:
Summer Camps partnered with 1Nation Mentoring

Lincoln University

Where They Are Now:
Currently working as the Executive Assistant at TCSL!

2023 Winner
Jensynia Baynes

Programs Attended:
Drone Academy

Washington and Jefferson College

Where They Are Now:
Finishing College!

If you are interested in getting in contact with our Alumni Coordinator for any questions or additional information regarding The Alumni Program, reach out to Breona Pippen at [email protected].