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Hill District

Since 2015, The Citizen Science Lab is proud to serve as a partner to the residents of Pittsburgh’s Hill District.  We provide free services for the Hill District through our partnerships with Miller African Centered Academy, Pittsburgh Milliones (UPrep), The University of Pittsburgh Community Engagement Center, and other Hill community organizations. 

While The Citizen Science Lab has moved our physical location out of the Energy Innovation Center, the organization has still maintained a significant presence in the Hill District in order to continue our outreach to Hill residents.  We are also pleased to announce that the Lab will be opening a new permanent home in the Hill District in 2024! We want to thank all of our partners who are making this possible (including you!), so please check out our DreamFest page for more information!

TCSL also actively recruits volunteers, staff and board of directors from the rich neighborhoods of the Hill District community.  If you know of someone who is interested in learning more about our work, please have them contact us. 

Youth Initiatives

Free programs sponsored by our partners to increase underrepresented youth interest in STEM.


Underwater robotics program where students build Remotely Operated Vehicles.

Sponsored by Eden Hall Foundation

Drone Academy

Students learn to safely operate drones to capture video footage.

Sponsored by The Buhl Foundation


International synthetic biology competition.

Sponsored by the RK Mellon Foundation

Educator Initiatives

Amgen Biotech Experience

Teacher training and equipment access to support the integration of biotechnology research techniques into high school laboratories.

Sponsored by the RK Mellon and Amgen Foundations

Donors + Sponsors

Awards + Recognition


Hill District Lab
The Hill District location is currently under a relocated plan.

South Hills Lab
1699 Washington Rd.
Suite 200
Pittsburgh PA 15228
(814) 830-3100

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