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Remote Learning / Online Experiences

Imagine what your kids will discover this year with The Citizen Science Lab!

We offer fun, hands-on experiments for grades 1 through 12. With a full range of science and engineering adventures — including electronics, outer space, geology, microbiology, chemistry, and aquaponics — there’s sure to be something that excites and inspires the budding scientist in your home.

In our Remote Learning sessions your young scientists will receive:

  • A complete kit of materials and instructions to complete STEM activities and experiments. These kits can either be mailed to each family or scheduled to be picked up at the lab using a no-contact delivery system.
  • Opportunities to ask TCSL’s educators any questions regarding our programming.
  • Access to videos from TCSL’s educators and access to online resources and interactive activities for learning.

Homeschool Workshops

Homeschool Workshops occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am-12pm. Topics covered include: Microbiology, Chemistry, Electronics, Space, and more!

After School Workshops

After School Workshops occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4pm-6pm. Topics covered include: Microbiology, Chemistry, Electronics, Space, and more!

The COVID-19 Research Project

Learn how to visualize COVID-19 protein structures using computer software. Also learn about protein surfaces and interactions between proteins and their signaling molecules. Sessions available for Highschoolers and Adults!

Weekend Workshops

Weekend Workshops occur on Saturdays from 1pm-2pm. Topics covered include: Microbiology, Chemistry, Engineering, Space, and more!

Remote Learning with LabXchange

Labs are places of exploration and discovery for every field imaginable. Likewise, you can discover, engage, and share what you learn virtually on LabXchange.

The Citizen Science Lab is now offering Biotechnology Tools and Techniques training via LabXchange. LabXchange is a free online platform for virtual simulations, videos, and animations created by scientists. Learn and practice foundational biotechnology techniques online like isolating DNA/protein, culturing bacteria, or conducting various chemical reactions.

Get Started Today!

A NEW pathway has been added to TCSL’s LabXchange Classroom!!

Learn Plasmid DNA and Recombinant DNA Theory and Techniques online NOW for FREE!

Visit The Xchange Lab Website,, and register for an account (LabXchange requires users to be 13 or older). Log in, and ensure you are observing your Learner Dashboard by checking the top left-hand side of the screen. Then, click on Classes in the white toolbar. Select join a class and enter in Class Code : 96F99B.

Select “Request to join class.”

Your request will be approved within one business day. Once approved take your time to complete the pathways in the class to give yourself a foundation in biotechnology techniques.

Check back for new biotechnology learning pathways and join us in the lab when The Citizen Science Lab re-opens to put these skills to practice!

See you soon!!

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